United States Naval Academy Midshipman Zac Dannelly wore his full-dress Navy uniform to talk with students at Christian Academy of Louisville Nov. 25 about cyber security.

He’s a familiar face in school halls where he was the senior class president who led a fundraiser to build an orphanage in Romania.

He also was a member of a C-Group at Southeast Christian Church and volunteered alongside Southeast members working with the homeless.

While studying at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, Dannelly attends Revolution, a church plant supported by Southeast where Josh Burnett is the pastor.

“That is what keeps me grounded,” Dannelly said. “It’s a great church focused so much on missions and service to the community. Now my world is the Naval Academy and Revolution Church.”

Dannelly is in the first class at the Naval Academy to major in cyber operations, a new initiative designed to train leaders to protect the nation from cyber attacks.

Dannelly talked with students at Christian Academy about the danger of posting too much information on social media.

He pointed out that when people post information about themselves on the Internet, it leaves a trail of data that can be collected and used to build a profile.

“The media that you post is already out there and it won’t go away,” he said. “Information about where you live and grew up is free and open. It’s easy to pinpoint locations, photos, find out where someone lives, works and has traveled through social media posts. Only post things you wouldn’t mind everyone in the world to see.”

Dannelly said he is optimistic about the United States as he learns and serves at the Naval Academy.

“I’m encouraged where we’re going as a country,” Dannelly said. “I support the chain of command and find encouragement in the American people still guided and driven by God’s Spirit. At the end of the day, you obey the authorities above you. I trust up the chain of command because ultimately, the chain of command ends with God. I have faith that God is in control. I don’t get caught up in the day-to-day things that can drag us down or the lies Satan feeds us.”

Dannelly is finishing the second semester of his junior year at the Naval Academy and may study abroad next year.

He also is applying to graduate school.

In addition to classes, Dannelly plays on the Naval Academy squash team, which currently is ranked No. 16 in the nation.