Live on Purpose: Healthcare

Physical therapist Lauren Adwell often uses her skills on the fly.

It may be to help a friend, a neighbor, a missionary or individual at a clinic, a church or her home.

“I’ve learned that many people long for some connection—even if it’s a hand massage for a 90-year-old with a dislocated hip,” she said.

Adwell looks for ways to use her training as a physical therapist to help others.

The goal of ‘Live on Purpose: Healthcare’ Sunday, Aug. 12, at the Blankenbaker Campus is to give doctors, nurses, physical therapists, dentists and other professionals the chance to learn about opportunities to use their skills to help others.   

Over lunch provided by the Missions Ministry, people will learn about partners in Louisville and around the world and hear from health care professionals who found their place in serving.  

“We recognize that there’s a need locally and globally for medical assistance,” said Drew Davis, mobilization and awareness leader in the Missions Ministry at Southeast. “We also know that many in the body of Christ have skills and resources, and we want to bring these two together. It will give everyone a chance to see where they fit in the Great Commission.”

Nurse practitioner Angie Thomas watched medical care open doors on a recent mission trip to a closed country in Asia. Needs that surfaced at medical clinics included dealing with domestic violence issues, drug use, digestive issues and malnutrition. Long-term teams will connect with all who came to the clinics.

“I see the power of medical missions in unreached areas,” Thomas said. “But I’m not opposed to doing something locally. I believe there’s so much to do in our own city.”

Those at the luncheon will learn about opportunities near and far.

“We want to give Christ-followers in health care the chance to meet our partners and learn about short-term, mid-term and long-term opportunities,” Davis said. “We’ve not asking people to move across the world or even across the street. We know many who want to be engaged, they just don’t know where or how.”

Those at the luncheon will learn about the following nonprofits:

*Seed to Oaks hosts medical clinics as they empower local churches to transform their communities.

*mPower teaches believers in risky, Third World countries how to share the Gospel as dental and medical health workers.

*Scatter Global encourages professionals to pursue their vocation in least-reached marketplaces in the world.

*Teach to Transform equips indigenous believers through medical and vocational skills.