Sandy Allen

Sandy Allen uses her clerical and organizational talents to help out with several ministries at Southeast’s Elizabethtown Campus.

Sandy Allen loves spreadsheets.

As a member of Southeast Christian Church’s Elizabethtown Campus, she serves out of the spotlight in Classic Worship and the Children’s and Student ministries.

“We had our first service in Classic Worship at Elizabethtown, and there was a little handmade sign-in sheet for people attending,” said Allen, 77. “I made the mistake of saying, ‘Would you like me to put that on a spreadsheet for you?’ I do love spreadsheets. I was just pulled in from then on. They call me the ‘secretary of the organization.’ I do all the paperwork. Send all the emails. In fact, somebody mentioned the other day in a comment, ‘Oh, Sandy’s the one who herds all the cats,’ which is not an easy thing to do.”

Allen, who worked as a project manager at the Louisville Zoo for more than 20 years, enjoys serving through her administrative skills.

“If God didn’t want me doing those things, they wouldn’t keep falling in my lap because that’s kind of the way it happened,” Allen added. “He’s putting those opportunities before Him. I love it when I can use what I feel like are the gifts that I’ve been given to serve the church and others. It’s very rewarding to help people.”

Though Allen lives in Elizabethtown, she first got involved with Southeast in 1999 and helped found the Scrapbook Club, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.  

“I didn’t want to drive to Louisville, but I have lots of friends who are members of Southeast,” she said. “I watched the services on TV; I just didn’t go to the church. When I found out that Southeast was opening a campus right down the street from me—within walking distance—I was thrilled to death.”

Allen has been at the Elizabethtown Campus since it launched and was baptized on opening weekend.

She promptly answered the call to help in SE!KIDS and now orders, organizes and distributes T-shirts for volunteers.

In Student Ministry, she recently sent handwritten cards of encouragement and support to students and volunteers.

“I love how she welcomes new families each week,” said Ryne Able, Elizabethtown Campus children’s pastor. “She also uses her gifting and organizational skills behind the scenes in many ways.”

Before COVID-19, she also served as a campus host on weekdays to assist those visiting the church.

Allen hasn’t been able to regather because she has an at-risk family member, but that hasn’t stopped her from serving via computer.

Recently, a couple of Elizabethtown members who play bluegrass Gospel music started recording sets online. After they recorded it, Allen would transcribe lyrics and email them to people so they could sing along at home.

“I love her can-do and detail-oriented spirit while serving the Lord through several ministries with our campus,” said Elizabethtown Campus Pastor Michael Kast.