Becky Thompson

Becky Thompson is the best-selling author of “Hope Unfolding,” “Midnight Mom Devotional” and her latest release, “Peace: Hope and Healing for the Anxious Momma’s Heart.” Thompson is the founder of the Midnight Mom Devotional Community, which has 1 million moms joining together in nightly prayer. She has a Christian podcast called Revived Motherhood. Thompson lives near Nashville with her husband, Jared, and their three children.

Why is “peace” your buzzword for this book?

Thompson originally started writing a fashion blog by accident—a boutique owner liked a photo she posted of an outfit she bought from her and then paid her to post more photos and write blogs about the free outfits she sent her.

A year or so in, she felt God leading her to write about Him and motherhood.

Thompson’s first Christian blog gained 1 million views and, as people shared her blog posts, she began getting noticed by book agents.

She’s since written six books in four years, with her latest being about the peace Jesus offers for anxious moms.

“Peace is something that every momma relates to because she is very aware of her level of it,” Thompson said. “In her home, in her heart, in her life, in her marriage, in all aspects of her thinking, being and doing, moms are constantly taking measure of the peace in us and around us.”

Thompson said peace doesn’t come down to circumstances.

“We look at peace as a gauge, feeling or an atmosphere, but really peace is a Person,” Thompson added. “So, if I can help women identify where God is in the room at any given moment, then they can face anything that they’re going through. A woman does need an order to things and to maintain the peace in her home, but that’s just one aspect. My focus is you can get everything in order and still feel like chaos in your heart.”

Thompson said the path to peace isn’t just praying more or reading more Scripture, but it’s a multifaceted issue.

“Jesus heals using multiple methods throughout Scripture,” she said. “He healed one blind man by speaking to him and another blind man by creating a mud mixture, putting it on his eyes and sending him to wash. Both experienced a miracle; one was in a moment and another took time to play out. Women must make sure not to compare their steps to anyone else’s steps. The Lord might say this is the step you need to take to increase the peace in your life. It might be you have to go seek out treatment from a doctor, counselor or therapist. Each of our steps and paths are unique. The Lord sends us personalized pathways to Him and what He promises.”

As a woman, what are you usually told to do with your emotions?

Thompson said women often are told to overcome fear and anxiety with faith.  

“Women who are anxious are told to just stop,” Thompson said. “We’re told to get our mind and emotions under control. From the people who aren’t walking through the forest of fear, we’re told all of the time what it’s like to be outside of the forest of fear. ‘This is what you’re supposed to be experiencing or how you’re supposed to overcome fear.’ Rather than calling out, ‘Is there anybody out there with me?’ we just will ourselves to not be afraid anymore. Fear and faith are linked, but there are also things that contribute to fear outside of faith. It might be a hormonal issue, a chemical imbalance or a situational trauma that needs deep healing.”

You have three children and have been a mom for a decade. What would you tell yourself on day one of being a mother?  

“Honestly, that makes me a little emotional because I think about how hard I was on myself at the beginning and to think I had to have it all figured out and couldn’t ask for help,” Thompson said. “I would want myself to know that I wasn’t alone, and it would turn out so much better than she thinks and that she’s doing a really good job.”

When Thompson first became a wife and a mother, she struggled to find a purpose outside of those roles.

“My family isn’t really designed to carry the weight of my identity,” Thompson added. “As women, we look for our identity in our title. I am an author. I am a speaker. I am a mom. These are things that hang on the door outside the office of my life. These are titles that sit on the edge of my desk, but the person who occupies the chair is a daughter of God. When we put all of that expectation on our children or on our husband, then when our kids fall short or our marriage doesn’t go the way we wanted, it’s not just a crisis of situation but a crisis of identity. I try to help women see themselves not just in their role as a mom and wife.”