A Loving Choice

A Loving Choice reaches out to women and their children with love and grace.

In June, A New Hope Pregnancy Center in Shepherdsville will become a satellite location of A Loving Choice pregnancy resource center in Shelbyville. The merger of the two pro-life resource centers meets needs at both locations.

ALC Shelbyville’s facility is at capacity as women tell friends and family about a place they are loved, not judged, and strengthened with classes, counseling, Bible study and resources. This year, ALC Executive Director Diana Cahill and her board prayed about finding a larger facility to meet more needs.

In Shepherdsville, the staff and board at A New Hope prayed for new leadership and outreach as founder Angela Davis moved to Illinois with her husband’s job.

Board members of A New Hope and ALC met a few years ago to share ideas and resources.

But as Cahill prayed about expanding outreach, bigger didn’t seem better.

“God spoke to my heart that finding a bigger facility is not how we save more women and babies from abortion,” Cahill said. “We help more women by going somewhere it’s not being done and opening a satellite location.”

The two boards met again a few months ago. Ultimately they decided that A New Hope would become a satellite of ALC.

In June, the ministry will get a new name: ALC Shepherdsville.

“Our goal in Shepherdsville is the same as Shelbyville: to meet women where they are and develop a relationship with them,” Cahill said.  

A nurse manager will work at both locations, along with a client manager. ALC Shepherdsville will become a medical location where women can have free ultrasounds, which open the door to serious conversations about protecting the lives of babies.

“Abortion goes away when it becomes unthinkable as one heart at a time is changed,” Cahill said. “Now we can show women beautiful images of their babies early on. People are horrified when they hear about late-term abortions, but a baby is a still a baby at 5 weeks, 25 weeks, through birth. Love and truth can overcome the fear that leads many women to feel abortion is their only choice. “

Cahill displayed life-size models of preborn babies during a recent talk at an area high school.

She asked students: “When is it illegal to have an abortion in Kentucky?” Some thought it was when the baby has a heartbeat. They were wrong. Cahill held up a model of a 20-week-old baby.

“When I told them that baby could be legally aborted, I heard those teenagers gasp,” Cahill said. “I believe their hearts were changed. They saw the truth.”