When in-person services at Southeast Christian Church were postponed in March, Rebecca Clark’s response was, “If they can’t come to us, we’ll go to them.” 

May 30, Clark, Heather Borntraeger, Danna Delafield and Rhonda Gore traveled around neighborhoods near Southeast’s Chapel in the Woods Campus for some “hymn caroling.”

The quartet walked through Sanctuary Bluff and Plainview neighborhoods and sang classic hymns a cappella as neighbors sat on their front porches, listening and singing along.

“There were so many smiles that day,” Clark said. “We were able to visit with some folks who attend the Chapel, and it lifted their spirits so much.”

Clark leads the worship team at the Chapel. She said that worship is a great connector in a time of isolation.

“For many seniors, this season has been especially isolating because church is their biggest social outlet,” Clark said.

For Clark, one of the best parts of hymn caroling was the opportunity to meet new people.

“We had the pleasure of meeting Don Moran and his family,” Clark said. “The Morans live in Plainview, and as we were caroling through, they were sitting on their front porch. We asked if we could sing for them, and they said, ‘Sure!’ We sang a couple songs, and when we started singing ‘How Great Thou Art,’ this sweet family started to sing along with us. Don had such a beautiful voice. We said, ‘You should come with us next time!’”

Clark learned that the Morans are members of St. Stephen Church downtown.

“It’s such a joy to be able to connect with fellow believers from other churches and share in fellowship with them,” she said. “We got to pray together with Don and his family, and that blessed us so much.”

Hymn caroling isn’t the only way Chapel attendees have been able to bring joy to seniors and glory to God through worship.

During the Chapel’s June 24 Family Gathering on Facebook live, the worship team sang some classic “church camp” songs. Worship has also featured cello music from Nick Weiner, a crowd favorite.

Clark, who was on staff in Southeast’s Worship Ministry in the 1990s, said that many of the seniors who attend the Chapel have known her for decades.

“When we sing hymns and more traditional music, it feeds the souls of our seniors in a special way,” Clark said. “It’s like seeing an old friend after being apart for a long time. It reminds you of how faithful that friend is. I think that’s how our seniors feel about Jesus when they sing those classic songs about Him.”

Clark said that although she enjoys getting to worship with Chapel in the Woods attendees, she couldn’t do it without Southeast’s Production Arts team.

“Sue Silvano, Bobby Bowman and Anya Meiners are such an integral part of our team,” she said. “We’d be nothing without their service, and I know our seniors are very grateful for them, too.”