When Geoffrey Busse and Bob Wilson walked onto Taylor Farm last year for Southeast Christian Church’s College-Age Ministry Summer Music Festival, they were taken aback to say the least. 

“They walked in and were honestly surprised this was a college-age ministry doing this event,” said CAM Connections Pastor Zach Motes. “They were really excited about something that catered to the need of college students, which is something fun, engaging and community-building. Now, both Bob and Jeffrey are a part of our creative crew because they got connected for the first time at this event last year.”

CAM’s Music Festival will be held Friday, July 26, from 7 to 11 p.m. at Taylor Farm in Crestwood. The free event is for young adults ages 18 to 25.

Pop-rock bands House Ghost and Rags and Riches will perform. DJ CHZN also will perform.

Three food trucks, Blackbeard Espresso, Ramiro’s Cantina and Hi-Five Doughnuts, will have food available for purchase.

“Last year, we saw the success of it in people hanging out, eating food, listening to music and bringing blankets to sit out on the farm,” Motes said. “It created this fun, enjoyable and comfortable environment for everyone.”

The 2019 event features one new facet.

“Taylor Farm has this large pond area,” Motes added. “So we’re going to center everything around that pond, have our bands play on that dock, food trucks around it and people all around the pond. They can also jump in and swim. That’s a new element to create a chill, lake vibe.”

Taylor Farm

Roughly 400 college-aged people came out to Taylor Farm last year.

Taylor Farm owners, Trevor and Cindy Taylor, are Southeast members at the Crestwood Campus and their son, Koby, is a sophomore in college.

Motes is grateful for the Taylors’ generosity to open up their farm so the Gospel can continue to go forth.

“Their whole family has really grown up within Southeast ministries, middle and high school,” he said. “We had talked about doing stuff on the farm, and Koby was all about it. That whole family has such a heart for outreach and allowing their home to really be an extension of the church. They’ve also done it for other student ministry events over the years.”

Still to come

As with every CAM event, it may be one night, but the bigger picture is still to come.

“We have this thing in CAM that we don’t want to do dead-end events, meaning every event has a backdoor to something else,” Motes said.

They will be inviting people to a Luau Party on the University of Louisville’s campus sometime in August.

“We’ve seen how beneficial it is to connect people into the next thing we’re doing,” Motes added. “That’s how community continues to build and grow.”

CAM also is partnering with Louisville FCA to create a campus ministry that will host weekly worship services on campus. More details are to come closer to the beginning of the school semester.