Dana Ginter

Dana Ginter is one of the youngest members at Southeast Christian Church’s Chapel in the Woods Campus. But age is irrelevant. The seniors who attend services at the campus are among her best friends, and the chapel is “her place.” 

Chapel in the Woods Pastor Murphy Belding said Ginter builds deep, sweet friendships throughout the chapel.

“Dana knows just about everybody by name,” Belding said. “She goes the extra miles to give our seniors special attention. She is so good at following up with whoever the Lord lays on her heart. She is a key volunteer who treats our seniors with gentleness and kindness.”

There’s nowhere Ginter, 49, would rather be.

“I love it there,” she said. “It’s like being with 200 grandparents. You don’t have to have an AARP card to connect. They have so many wonderful stories and such a rich and deep love for the Lord that we could all benefit and learn from them.”

Though Ginter has not hit 50, she retired early after 20 years with UPS to care for her grandmother. They began attending Classic Worship together on Thursday mornings.

“We loved Classic Worship on Thursday mornings,” she said. “It was the music, the messages, our friends.”

Ginter often helped with food while her grandmother visited with friends.

“They are amazing,” Ginter added. “So much wisdom in one place. They are wonderful people who do more for me than I do for them.”

After Ginter’s grandmother died in May 2016, Ginter asked Belding if she could continue to attend Classic Worship with the Senior Adult Ministry.

Of course, the answer was a resounding “yes.”

Seniors weren’t about to let her go.

“Dana is a great example of what it means to serve the Lord with your spiritual gifts,” said Belding. “She is faithful, available and always willing to help in any way.”