Cross Raising at SC Campus

A cross was raised over the Shelby County Campus last month.

Southeast Christian Church’s Shelby County Campus will launch Sunday, April 18, with services at 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Shelby County Campus Pastor Max Semenick has been looking forward to that day for years.

“My family and I have been out here for seven years. It’s been really wonderful to journey with some amazing people who have been incredibly faithful, sacrificial and generous with their time and resources to see the Gospel continue to move forward,” Semenick said. “As much as we’re excited having seen the seven-year journey, there’s a lot of people who have been waiting decades to see this happen. It’s been amazing to watch the fulfillment of a lot of prayers and effort. Part of what we’ve talked about is that it’s very obvious that this is a community that God has been hard at work in for a long time.”

The Shelby County Campus is located in the Midland Center at 196 Midland Boulevard. The 26,000-square-foot campus has a 600-seat worship space, along with classrooms and other spaces for activities and gatherings.

“The building is new, but the people who are going to inhabit it have been following Jesus for a long time,” Semenick added. “It’s moms and dads and grandparents and kiddos who have already made strong decisions for their families, future and faith. So, when I think about a new person coming to this campus, not only is the building really nice, but the people there are warm, open and loving.”

Southeast has more than 3,000 members and attendees that already live in the Shelby County area.

Southeast announced the Shelby County Campus in September 2019 and Semenick knows—though the launch was delayed a bit by COVID-19—God is just getting started.

“There are many amazing churches and partner ministries that are pretty unique. This community really takes care of its own in the name of Jesus,” Semenick added. “People who are hurting or in trouble, this is a good community because there’s such a rich heritage of people who love Jesus and take care of His people. We stand on the shoulders of a lot of people’s faithfulness over decades. I’m excited to see what God’s going to do in a fresh way through this campus.”

Children’s programming will be available for birth through fifth grade for all Sunday services.

After the April 18 launch, the Shelby County Campus is starting a variety of groups for middle and high school students, men, women and those who attend Encounter. For more information, visit

If you have questions about joining a group or would like to volunteer to serve at the Shelby County Campus, email