Who knew a little boy wearing a space helmet in the film “Wonder” could bring someone closer to the Savior.

When a friend invited Kerrie Milesko to Southeast Christian Church’s “At the Movies” sermon series in 2018, she thought she’d give it a try with her young daughter, Lillian, after being away from church for a few years. “At the Movies” uses scenes from Hollywood films to help illustrate God’s story in Scripture, and “Wonder” was the featured film that week.

“I had never seen a church do that before, so that was interesting,” said Milesko, now a member of Southeast’s Elizabethtown Campus. “From the time that I parked and walked up to the building, everyone was just so welcoming and friendly. That was the big thing that drew me in. It’s like that every time I go. It’s amazing how they could take a random movie and relate it to something in the Bible. Things you don’t think could relate actually do. That was really neat.”

Around this time, Milesko had someone close to her who was struggling with alcoholism, so she started attending an Encounter support group with a coworker going through a similar situation.

“I felt so alone because my family knew about his drinking, but I didn’t really have their support because they couldn’t really see what I could see,” added Milesko, 35. “That was hard, so I really found all my support in going to church.”

Milesko started attending Southeast regularly, being comforted by God and others.

“I felt a lot of shame and guilt from my failed marriage and thinking, ‘Am I going to be able to be a good mom?’ (I had) the feeling of being alone without family support,” she said. “The biggest takeaway I always get is that I’m never alone. I always have God with me. I don’t need to feel that shame and guilt because there’s nothing I’m going to do that’s going to make God love me any less.”

Milesko grew up in Elizabethtown because her dad was stationed at Fort Knox. She vaguely recalls going to church during childhood.

After her dad died when she was 9, she grew bitter toward God.

“I was upset with God for a very long time until my late 20s,” Milesko said. “I would have conversations with my mom like, ‘I just don’t understand why God would take my dad away from me so young’ because milestones would happen, and I wouldn’t have him there. So that was hard for me. As I got older and went through other things in my life, I started going to therapy. It stemmed back to my dad, and I had to work through that to not be angry at God. I know that He didn’t take my dad from me to punish me.”

Though Milesko’s story is still being written, she knows that God is with her all the way.

“It took me a while to realize that God loves me because I really struggled with feeling so alone from my divorce,” Milesko said. “It was really hard for me to let that go because there was a lot of shame and guilt.”

The “At the Movies” sermon series will begin June 13 at Southeast’s campuses during weekend worship services. The four-week series will run through the weekend of July 4.

The series will not be available online due to copyright restrictions. SE Online will go through a different series.