Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel is the author of “The Case of Christ” and “The Case for Heaven.”

It’s one of those can’t-miss nights at Southeast Christian Church.

Senior Pastor Kyle Idleman will talk about heaven with Lee Strobel, author of “The Case for Christ,” during a Night of Worship Sunday, Nov. 7, at the Blankenbaker Campus. Strobel’s latest book is “The Case for Heaven.”

If ever the world has needed hope, it’s now.

“COVID has people thinking about death,” Strobel said. “Many lost a family member to the virus. It brings up fear of death, which is life’s biggest phobia. I believe Jesus is the answer to those enslaved to fear of death.”

In 1979, Strobel was an atheist and an investigative journalist who set out on a two-year quest to discover the truth about Jesus. That quest ended in personal, life-changing faith.

Thirty years later, Strobel began investigating heaven after having a near-death experience.

“The doctor told me I was one step from a coma, two steps from death,” Strobel said. “For a time, I hovered between life and death. As a Christian, I was convinced if I died, I’d be in the presence of God forever. But I still have this skeptical streak from journalism and law. Faced with the reality of dying, I wanted to know it’s real. That was the seed for the book, ‘The Case for Heaven.’”

Strobel studied the Bible and interviewed experts about evidence of the afterlife and evidence for the soul. He talked with those who had near-death experiences and tackled tough questions about what happens when we die. He met with respected scholars and experts, a neuroscientist from Cambridge University, a researcher who analyzed a thousand accounts of near-death experiences and an atheist-turned-Christian philosopher.

The book investigates science, theology and evidence of the afterlife.

Though the Bible does not describe heaven, Strobel said it does give metaphors of what heaven will be like.

“One metaphor Jesus uses to describe heaven is a home,” Strobel said. “He says, ‘In my father’s house are many rooms.’ That appeals to me as a place of security and love.”

Strobel also sees heaven as a place of reconciliation.

“I had a difficult relationship with my father,” he said. “A lot of it was my fault. On the eve of my high school graduation, he told me he didn’t have enough love for me to fill his little finger. I stormed from the house, and we never reconciled. My father was a Christian. I’m a Christian. I believe my dad is in heaven, and I’m going to heaven. I think the first hour of heaven may be about reconciliation. I believe we will be able to have the father/son relationship in heaven we never had on earth. That makes me long for heaven.”

Strobel said the No. 1 question people ask about heaven is if pets will be there.

His answer is maybe.

“People have a lot of misconceptions about heaven,” he said. “Revelation says God makes everything new, recreating our world without sin. Heaven is focused on God. The Bible doesn’t give us a lot of detail. I don’t think we can comprehend right now what heaven will be like. If Jesus died and resurrected from the dead, He is the witness to the afterlife. His viewpoint of heaven should be the one we believe.”