Chris Crutchfield wants people to know the basics of Biblical doctrine.

Crutchfield, who has been leading Precept Bible study classes since 2006, will present Romans Part One—“Freed from Sin’s Penalty”—Wednesdays, Feb. 3-May 12, from 9:30 to 11:45 a.m. in ED 212 at Southeast’s Blankenbaker Campus.

“I chose to teach Romans at this time because I feel so many voices are competing for our attention, and it’s hard to know what’s true,” Crutchfield said. “I think it’s important to root people in the basics of Biblical doctrine. Romans is known as the constitution of our faith, and I think it’s important to go back to the Gospel being justification by faith alone.”

The class will include in-person and video-based teaching as well as group discussion.

A Precept Orientation Class will be held Wednesday, Jan. 27, from 9:30-10:30 a.m. in ED 212 at the Blankenbaker Campus.

Through the inductive study method, Precept classes focus on observation, interpretation and application.

The idea behind Precept Ministries International originates with Isaiah 28:9-10, which says, “‘To whom will he teach knowledge, and to whom will he explain the message? Those who are weaned from the milk, those taken from the breast? For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little’” (ESV).

Classes include about five hours of weekly homework to be done before class. This allows for group dialogue rather than individual discourse.

The Romans Part One workbook is $20.25 and may be purchased by calling (800) 763-8280 or at To register for the class, contact Crutchfield at (502) 851-3827 or

For more information on additional Precept classes, contact Terri Wakefield at (502) 727-2263 or