Daniel Viehmann

Since attending the Perspectives class, Daniel Viehmann, left, has tried to live for others. He is pictured during a recent mission trip to work with refugees in Uganda.

Ever wonder if you were made for more? If God has a specific plan for your life? 

Daniel Viehmann did. A teacher and a new dad who was active at the Crestwood Campus of Southeast Christian Church, he was looking for more when he signed up for Perspectives, a 15-weeks class designed to help people understand and find their place in God’s global plan.

That series of speakers, readings and discussion changed how life looked.

“God used Perspectives to flip my script of self-centered living to living for others,” Viehmann said. “At the time, I had no plans to go anywhere. There I learned about missional living, how Jesus made disciples and how the Gospel is spread through the Great Commission.”

Last June, Viehmann took his first mission trip to refugee camps in Uganda. Life change that began in Perspectives continued on that mission trip.

This year, Perspectives will be offered Tuesdays, Aug. 6 through Nov. 19, at 6:30 p.m., at Southeast’s Blankenbaker Campus.

Lindsey and Justin Thomas have taken Perspectives several times.

“We loved it,” Lindsey said. “I’m amazed God allows us to be in His story.”

Soon they are moving to Liverpool, England, to work at a school that bridges the gap between refugees and the community. There Lindsey will use her training in art therapy while Justin will be involved in the business world.

Melinda Hadley said Perspectives ruins people for the ordinary.

“Perspectives makes people think about living extraordinary lives to bring God glory—the lives God created us to live,” she said. “You go from looking for Scriptures about yourself or your life to looking at Scripture from God’s point of view. Perspective changes as we put God first.”

Spanish Perspectivas

This year, Perspectives classes have an added bonus.

Perspectives taught in Spanish, Perspectivas, will run on the same day, at the same place and at the same time as Perspectives in English.

Classes will share dinner at 6:30, then break into two groups. Three bilingual speakers will speak to both groups, and the groups will worship together some nights. Perspectivas speakers with mission experience and outreach around the world will teach the remaining classes.

Both classes will include childcare.

Crestwood Campus member Glenn Rodriguez facilitates Perspectivas.

Last year, 23 students from seven countries and six different churches graduated from Perspectivas.

“We’re amazed at how these students are using what they learned,” Rodriguez said.

Discounts for early registration and groups are available.