Volunteer Ministry

Volunteer Engagement Associate Madalyn Wilbanks, center, helps others find the right place to serve at Southeast.

With more than 25,000 weekly attendees across six campuses, events like Celebrate Christmas Together, FamilyPalooza and Shine, ministries that serve people of all ages and life stages and dozens of groups, Southeast Christian Church literally has hundreds of opportunities to help people connect to Jesus and one another through serving. 

But for people who are new to Southeast or are unsure of what serving opportunities are available, it can be difficult to find a place to serve.

Southeast’s Volunteer Engagement Ministry is helping people take their first steps to find the place God wants them to serve through First Serve, an interactive tour to introduce people to some of the many serving areas at Southeast.

“At First Serve, you’ll get a glimpse into what serving looks like at Southeast,” Volunteer Engagement Associate Madalyn Wilbanks said. “First Serve is an all-access tour experience where you will learn how to connect to serving opportunities at Southeast. You will see unique ministry environments, be introduced to key ministry leaders and hear the heartbeat of each ministry. It is the best way to begin serving at Southeast.”

The Volunteer Engagement Ministry is holding its next First Serve tour Sunday, April 28, from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. at the Blankenbaker Campus. Those who would like to attend the tour should meet at the Volunteer Engagement Booth in the atrium.

“Every ministry seeks to connect people to Jesus and one another, and you’ll see that played out in every volunteer role,” Wilbanks said. “In production arts, it’s in creating a setting for people to worship freely. In Children’s ministry, it’s in instilling the truth in a child’s heart that God knows you, loves you and wants to be your friend forever. In the Next Step Room, it’s in praying with someone or guiding them in their decision to follow Jesus.”

Wilbanks said that the goal of the Volunteer Engagement Ministry is to help people see that serving is for everyone.

“We serve because Jesus served, and we believe serving is one of the greatest opportunities at Southeast for spiritual connection and community,” Wilbanks said. “The people you see wearing a lanyard on a Sunday, standing behind a camera or at a counter aren’t professionals. They’re people just like you. They’re volunteers who are willing to use the gifts God has given them to make a difference.”

At First Serve, people are encouraged to look at serving not just as a responsibility, but as an opportunity for growth.

“God gives each of us unique gifts and abilities, and serving is one of the best ways to discover and use the gifts God has given you,” Wilbanks said. “As you serve, you’ll experience God working through you to make a difference in others’ lives, and you’ll grow in community with others. Make a difference with your time by serving in a role that fits your gifts, interests and talents.”

First Serve is currently only available at the Blankenbaker Campus, and registration is not required. Children’s programming is available.