Two places have never closed during the COVID-19 shutdown: abortion clinics and pro-life pregnancy centers. 

Throughout the pandemic, A Loving Choice Pregnancy Resource Center Shepherdsville, a longtime partner of Southeast Christian Church, has continued to help women dealing with an unplanned pregnancy.

“No matter what their circumstances, they need the hope, love and grace of Jesus,” said Executive Director Diana Cahill.

In the last year, three needs have become clear for A Loving Choice: It needed an ultrasound machine so women could see their babies, it needed to extend its hours to meet needs and it needed an accessible building with good visibility.

Southeast member Rodney Sexton may seem like an unlikely advocate for life. The retired contractor lives in Shepherdsville, serves on the board at A Loving Choice and works in maintenance at Southeast’s Elizabethtown Campus.

He made it clear when he joined Southeast’s staff that he works beyond retirement in order to give more.

Sexton said outreach goes beyond saving moms and babies.

“One mom told us that she wanted to teach her daughter how to pray, but she didn’t know how. No one ever taught her,” he said. “That’s what ALC does … women will be introduced to Jesus.”

After seeing Samantha, a teenager in turmoil after the father of her baby told her he wanted nothing to do with her if she kept her baby, he knew the center needed an ultrasound machine. Samantha needed the hope of seeing her unborn baby. He prayed and circulated an email with Samantha’s story. Over one weekend, people in his contact list donated $32,000.

And the ultrasound machine became a reality.

Sexton and others also prayed for a new building, and they found a vacant bank building in Shepherdsville that is adjacent to a high school.

And God did what He does. ALC acquired the building, and supporters already have promised $100,000 toward renovations. That’s halfway, and Cahill can’t wait to see what God will do next.

As she walks through the new building, Cahill doesn’t focus on drywall, paint cans, ladders and hammers. She sees a welcoming space for women coming in for an ultrasound, a parenting class and counseling or to visit the baby store.

“I knew from the moment we first walked into this building that this is where we are supposed to be,” she said. “It’s a peaceful, welcoming space for each one who comes in.”

A Loving Choice Shepherdsville serves Bullitt, Jefferson, Nelson and Spencer counties.

“Churches in the community are a tremendous support,” Cahill said. “They’re taking ownership of all we do here. And we have already partnered with the Bullitt County Teenage Parent Program.”

Southeast member Allison Embry is the site manager.

“God has given me a love for the unlovable, women who didn’t grow up like I did,” Embry said. “I get the chance to love on women, hold new babies. A mom came by here last year on her way home from the hospital. She still had her hospital bracelet on. She wanted us to celebrate her new baby. She had no one else to celebrate with except us, and it was an honor to do just that.”

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