Men from Southwest Campus

A team of men from Southeast Christian Church’s Southwest Campus traveled to Prestonsburg, Ky., to help build an area for children’s ministry at Ridgepoint Church.

Men on the mission team from Southeast Christian Church’s Southwest Campus called Eddie Monroe “biscuits and gravy.” It’s what he made for breakfast for the team each morning before they began working on construction projects in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

But there is more to Monroe than chef extraordinaire. Though he is relatively new to the Southwest Campus, he is not new to faith in Jesus.

Friends in Man Challenge, a weekly Bible study and accountability group, encouraged him to apply for the three-day mission trip to Appalachia because construction is his specialty.

Ridgepoint Church in Prestonsburg meets in a refurbished car dealership. They needed an area for their children’s ministry. In maintenance all his life, Monroe knew how to make that happen.

Since the trip only lasted three days, the team had little time to finish the task.

They installed floor joists, flooring, studs and drywall. They took a break to write Bible verses and prayers on studs.

Mike Kitchen rides a motorcycle and works in maintenance. He made fun of Southeast before he attended a service at the Southwest Campus four years ago. He recognized other men from the community during those first few visits and began to feel at home.

He heard about the trip in Man Challenge and decided to sign up.

“The dynamics on our team were incredible,” Monroe said. “We all just hit it off. The best part of the trip was prayer and worship time.”

How did those three days on mission change the team?

“We can’t wait to go back,” Kitchen said.