Sanctity of Life Sunday

Sanctity of Life Sunday Jan. 19 falls close to the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in America. 

On that day, people mourn the loss of an estimated 62 million babies aborted in the last 47 years. If that number is too big to grasp, imagine erasing the populations of California and Florida.

It’s easy to get weary in the fight for life. It’s a long battle. Opposition is loud and strong. There is so much at stake, and sometimes real change seems elusive.

Pregnancy centers supported by Southeast Christian Church deal with abortion every day. Though they are aware of legislative gains and losses, they focus on saving one baby, one mom, one dad at a time.

Diana Cahill is the executive director at A Loving Choice Pregnancy Resource Center Shelbyville and Shepherdsville.

“I believe abortion stats are changing one heart at a time,” Cahill said. “Abortion will go away when it becomes unthinkable. It’s building trustworthy relationships and giving tangible assets as we care for women. Love and truth can overcome the fear that leads many women to feel abortion is the only choice.”

Rose Chondra is the executive director at Choices Life Resource Center: Southern Indiana. Last year, 878 women came through the center’s doors, and it expanded to meet needs in Corydon and Salem. Chondra hopes to work with 1,000 women next year.

“Many women are shocked when they see two lines on their pregnancy test proving they are pregnant,” Chondra said. “Our nurse points out their tiny babies on the ultrasound screen. Problems don’t go away that day, but they see hope. They’re no longer alone and what they face can be a new beginning.”

Southeast has been in the battle for life since 1988 when it partnered with churches and individuals to found A Woman’s Choice Resource Center, now called BsideU For Life, in Downtown Louisville. The goal is to provide support for women facing a crisis pregnancy. Staffers do not preach, shout or shame. They simply love women who walk through the door.

Free ultrasounds make a difference. So does mentoring and long-term support. Babies saved in the 1980s now are adults—some moms and dads, doctors, lawyers, nurses, business owners and missionaries.

What is a saved baby worth? It’s impossible to say, but to the more than 10,000 men and women rescued as babies through BsideU For Life, it is everything.

Outreach is free and personal. Women get free ultrasounds, testing for sexually-transmitted diseases, counseling, parenting classes, Bible studies, diapers and clothing.

Almost every day, Cahill sits in the counseling room with women making life and death decisions.

“I have never sat in a room with someone who says they’re glad they had an abortion,” she said. “I’ve been there time and time again with beaming moms holding their babies, saying they’re so glad they chose life.”