Southeast Christian Church Shelby County Campus Pastor Max Semenick is excited about launching a new campus, but he is even more excited about how God is already at work in Shelby County.

“The biggest thing that I’m excited about in this season is God has created this army of incredible, faithful people who don’t just talk about faith, but do it,” Semenick said. “I don’t even ask most of the time. They’re ahead of me doing all sorts of things, and I’m just hearing the amazing story later.”

Southeast announced the Shelby County Campus last September, and Semenick hopes the campus will open by the end of 2020.

“I think sometimes we can think, ‘Oh, we moved some staff people into an area. Now God’s there,’” Semenick said. “God has been at work in this community in so many various generations for such a long time. So we just really get to benefit by partnering with people who love Him and love this community. So much of our work is just asking, ‘How do we come alongside the journey God already has you on?’”

The Shelby County Campus will be located in the Midland Center at 196 Midland Boulevard in the former home of a Tractor Supply Co. store. The 26,000-square-foot campus will have a 600-seat worship space, along with classrooms and other spaces for activities and gatherings.

“Regardless about that building, there’s no reason for anyone to wait for it to open,” Semenick said. “We have every possible opportunity for people to connect and engage in a disciple-making opportunity today.”

Groups are meeting in homes, including groups for middle and high school students.

Man Challenge and two women’s groups meet at The Brick Room in downtown Shelbyville.

In February, they will begin studying Nehemiah, the Israelite who oversaw construction of Jerusalem’s walls, to help them prepare for opening a new campus.

Southeast member Jeremy Harrell is leading a men’s group called Manhood Restored that is tailored for veterans and first responders.

Connections Pastor Bryan Elliott said volunteers are stepping up to serve in Shelby County.

“Our goal is to have a fully staffed church from our local people,” Elliott said.

“One of my favorite things about being out here is no matter what the challenge is, whether it’s about marriage, a mental health issue or a financial thing, I’m honestly most of the times hearing about it because someone has already been served well by one of our people,” Semenick added. “It’s actually the broken person telling me, ‘Our marriage was about to blow up and we ended up in so and so’s living room. We’re really excited about this campus because these are the kind of people here.’”

Even those who attend other Southeast campuses have played a large part in the launch of the Shelby County Campus.

“It is because of their faithfulness, activity and giving,” Semenick said. “There’s this other community that may never visit us, but my kids have benefited from givers in Southern Indiana who will never meet my kids. Our ability to do what God is calling us to do is predicated on someone in Elizabethtown being sacrificial. You may not see it, but what you’re contributing to is such a big deal.”

For more information or to get involved, email Campus Operations Leader Bo Harrington at