Camp Freedom was truly a weekend of freedom. 

July 26-28, 116 campers and more than 100 volunteers attended Southeast Christian Church’s summer camp for adults with disabilities.

For three days, campers swam, played, laughed and worshiped God with friends. It’s an event many look forward to year after year.

“It’s such an amazing weekend,” Shine Disabilities Ministry Leader Mary Tatum said. “I love camp because when everyone is out there in the water or worshiping together, you can’t really tell who’s a camper and who’s a leader. We are all God’s image-bearers, having a blast together.”

On the last day, three campers, Jackson Dean, Ellie Conckling and Nick Gillespie, were baptized in the lake as all the other campers, volunteers and Country Lake staff watch from the beach and cheered in raucous, yet joyful celebration.

This was Shine Disabilities Ministry Associate Garett Wall’s first time at Camp Freedom.

“This weekend has exceeded every expectation I had,” he said. “I’m just blown away by the love our people have for the Lord and for one another. It was exhausting, just going and going for three days, and spending months preparing, but seeing the joy in everyone’s faces made it worth every second.”