Bob Russell Retirement

Four preachers have filled the pulpit at Southeast Christian church.

Joe Rex Kearns preached three years in the early days, soon after 52 people gathered in the cafeteria at Goldsmith Elementary School for the first service. They were ordinary people. A worship leader who owned an office supply store. Secretaries, homemakers, railroad workers, teachers, factory workers, accountants.

Someone building a megachurch might have overlooked them to choose a more educated, talented group.

But God was writing this story, and he specializes in using small things like loaves, fish, manna, a stable in Bethlehem.

The church had been without a pastor a year when elders invited 22-year-old Bob Russell to preach. The church grew and grew as people began to understand God’s story to send Jesus to redeem the broken and lost.

Russell stayed 40 years before passing the baton of leadership to Dave Stone in 2006.

Stone transitioned to a new phase of ministry in 2019 and passed leadership to Kyle Idleman, Southeast’s fourth senior pastor in 59 years.