Love City

Children received a free lunch at Love City during a JCPS teacher sick-out.

When Jefferson County Public Schools canceled classes Thursday, March 7, due to a teacher sick-out, Love City offered free meals to children in the Portland community. 

“We’re here to love our neighbors,” said Inga Arvin, who founded Love City with her husband, Shawn, in 2015. “We understand when public schools close it can put a strain on families in our community, especially meals provided by JCPS. Providing free meals for the children is one way to love our neighbors.”

It was a practical way for this ministry, set in the middle of the Portland neighborhood, to care for its neighbors.

News of free meals traveled fast by Facebook and word of mouth.

By noon, some 30 children with a parent or caregiver had come for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples and chicken nuggets.

Love City volunteer Bill Price handed out Pop Tarts to take home for breakfast the next morning.

Even more families came for dinner.

Kristin Nolan brought her three children for lunch.

“I think it’s a powerful thing to love,” she said. “This community needs it.”

Love City, a partner of Southeast Christian Church, also provides after-school programs for youth, open gym, tutoring and clubs. Friday night fish fries and the Porkland BBQ restaurant help fund the ministry.