Theresa Stivers

Theresa Stivers has attended South Louisville Church for about six years. She donated bread to be distributed in food boxes throughout the community.

Every other week, members of the South Louisville Campus deliver about 50 food boxes throughout the community. It’s a fun outreach that lets volunteers of all ages meet new friends in the area.

Theresa Stivers, who has been attending South Louisville for six years, has donated 75 loaves of bread for the last few distributions.

“I always felt like bread is essential to life,” Stivers said. “I used to get pantry food. I’ve never been rich or had a lot of money. In fact, I’ve even received food from South Louisville. The canned goods are great, but I thought it would be nice to add a loaf of bread. I thought if I ever had extra money, I’d like to do that.”

Stivers lost her job at the local supermarket during COVID, but she still decided to donate bread to help others.

“I’m blessed to have a home and be able to make it,” she said. “I hope to be back to work soon. In the meantime, I wanted to give to others.”