Numbers 14


Israel was on the verge of entering the Promised Land. After hundreds of years of affliction and suffering as slaves in Egypt, God brought them to the very edge of His promised deliverance.

And as they looked toward their glorious future, they let fear overtake them. Israel forgot how far God had brought them. They forgot about the plagues, the parted Red Sea and the battles

He’d already fought on their behalf. The future looked too hard, and they declared that slavery really hadn’t been so bad. Israel wanted to return to their old way of life, believing the brokenness they were accustomed to was preferable to the unknown brightness that awaited them.

Like Israel, God has led us through many challenges and difficulties that we never expected to face. We’re on the cusp of a new season with Him, and for many of us, there’s fear. We’re not sure we want to go through any more uncertainty; maybe we’ll just go back to the way things were.

But God didn’t bring us this far just so we could run back to our old life. He is leading us into something new, and though it certainly will look different and require new things from us, God has proven Himself faithful.


>Where in your life story have there been seasons of challenge and difficulty?

>How has God been faithful to get you through that season?

>How do fear and uncertainty surface as you approach new seasons of life?

>What is one thing you are committing to never going back to?

Israel in the desert

>God’s chosen people quickly forgot what God had done to provide for them.

>They romanticized what slavery in Egypt was like. Instead of enjoying their freedom, they would rather be slaves again.

>The people challenged Moses and Aaron’s leadership instead of humbly submitting to them.

>The generation who lived in Egypt died in the desert because they didn’t trust God. Their kids trusted God more, even though they didn’t witness the plagues or the crossing of the Red Sea.