2 Kings 5


Namaan was probably accustomed to getting what he wanted. With his own strength and power, he had made his way to the top of the ladder.

But leprosy didn’t care about Namaan’s authority, and he was left with a choice: rely on himself and face certain death or obey the simple command from the prophet of a conquered land and trust that God alone could save him.

He balked at the insult of it all. He either wanted to be able to achieve change himself or he wanted change to come in some grand and extraordinary fashion.

But in the end, simple obedience led to Namaan’s total transformation.

We’ve been forced into a situation totally outside of our control, and it hasn’t taken long to discover that none of our strength, influence, wealth, skills, or connections can save us.

But it is in this season of total surrender when we can experience the deep, lasting changes that the Holy Spirit wants to accomplish in us.

We have a choice: go back to what we’ve always trusted before and stay the same or embrace the gift of transformation that God is offering us.


>In what areas of your life do you rely on your own strength and ability?

>Are there areas where God has called you to obedience, but you have resisted?

>What makes relying on God more than yourself a challenge?

>Where have you seen your trust and obedience to God transform your life?