The first thing I did after that fateful call on April 1 was drop to my knees in front of the rust-colored chair where I start every day prayerfully connecting with Jesus, praying for His plans to be my plans. 

On my knees in front of the chair, as if at the feet of Jesus, my cry was, “What now?”

We had just signed a contract to build a new home. I couldn’t catch my breath.

When my supervisor called, she began with broken sentences and told me my position was being eliminated due to budget cuts.

I didn’t have time to be unemployed. The clock began with the end of the call.

Before my work profile was shut down, I exported my contacts and saved work samples I needed for my job search. Before the end of the day, my résumé was posted online, and most importantly, I began reaching out to contacts and networking.

One of these calls led me to Southeast’s Job Loss Support Group. I’m not a support group type of person, but I trusted my friend, and I knew above all else that God was taking me on a journey—one that would change my heart.

Logging into the first Zoom meeting, I felt humbled, not humiliated. We were a group of virtual strangers on a similar journey with our Heavenly Father.

The core of our discussions was encouragement. I grew to care about them and was concerned about their stormy feelings. Participating in the group drew me out of my own confusion and frustration.

I once heard a quote by Max Lucado, “Walk in the direction of answered prayers.”

I moved forward every day with God’s leading hand, and I moved forward in contacting people I hadn’t talked to in years. They might be able to connect me with a position.

It was a humble journey for this independent, career-minded soul. Every day, no matter how I felt, I reached out, applied, prayed and walked in the direction of answered prayer. Along the way God provided for our every need, and two months later, He delivered a job.

The Job Loss Support Group was an important part of how God worked in my heart in those unknowing weeks. Leaving the group, I told my friend who originally invited me that I felt like I was abandoning them. He assured me that the purpose of the group was to have people move on and then offered an invitation to serve in the ministry in the future.

The Job Loss Support Group meets Mondays at 7 p.m. on Zoom ( Call (502) 253-8400 for more info.