I wish you could see what I see every day as the Missions Pastor at Southeast Christian Church. If you have given, prayed or served our church, you have been a “fraction of the action” of what our Lord is doing worldwide. This past year alone, our church provided more than $1 million to churches around the world to help communities struggling through the COVID crisis.

During lockdown, the Lord has taken our church to thousands of locations around the globe. Whether it’s a remote village in India, multiple college campuses around the United States or a distressed community in our city, God has been gracious to let us participate.

And in the middle of a global pandemic, I can testify that, “He won’t let you stumble, your Guardian God won’t fall asleep. Not on your life! Israel’s Guardian will never doze or sleep” (Psalm 121:3-4 MSG).

The following is a small sample of what God is doing through the financial generosity and fervent prayer of our church. As you read, please pray for these brothers and sisters.

uRomania: Professor Vincent Kou, a missionary supported by Southeast for the last 11 years, was the main speaker for a three-day virtual conference hosted for the Romanian Chinese Church in need of spiritual renewal and encouragement.

uDominican Republic: Professor Jeff Rogers, a missionary supported by Southeast for more than 15 years, continued to teach seminary classes online to pastors throughout the Caribbean.

uGreece: A ministry Southeast supports, AMG, is serving a country surging with an influx of refugees from the Middle East and Central Asia. AMG leaders were praying for the financial resources to help while they sent workers to a refugee camp that had just burned down. As they were praying, they received an email that Southeast was sending funds to help those without food and shelter.

uLiberia: Just before lockdown, Harry Kpoh, born in Liberia and a member of Southeast, went back to Liberia to help. After 14 years of Civil War, an Ebola crisis and COVID, people were suffering. With financial help from Southeast, Kpoh returned with medical supplies, food for malnourished babies, encouragement and the Good News that Jesus sees them and cares for them. Though Harry had no idea COVID would make life worse in Liberia, help arrived at the perfect time.

uIndia: In the slums of Mumbai, which has a population of 15 million, the poor are especially hard hit by the pandemic. By working with local church pastors, Southeast provided funds that allowed these churches to meet the desperate needs in their community. And the ranks of the church are swelling as the felt needs of their neighbors are met with the love of Jesus.

uLouisville: At the height of COVID, Kroger informed our LifeBridge ministry that they would like to donate 40,000 pounds of fresh chicken. Through friendships with local churches and partners in the community, the chicken was distributed to those with the greatest need.

Reflect for a minute on the eternal impact of tens of thousands of these “acts of compassion” done by the church worldwide and the opportunity to introduce Jesus, the One who made it all possible.

Do you know what the most frequently asked question the recipients of food and/or medicine ask? Who did this and why would they do such a thing when they don’t even know us?

Our brothers and sisters speak of a group of followers of Jesus on the other side of the earth that want them to know the love of Jesus that they have experienced.

These are just a few examples of the church being unleashed for God’s fame. Soon, an “Unleashed” book will be available that contains more stories about how we can celebrate what our Father is allowing our church to join Him in. Be looking for this book, which will be available Feb. 7 in print and digitally, and call us if we can help you be unleashed for the role God has prepared for you.

Charlie Vittitow leads Southeast’s Missions Ministry.