I joined The Southeast Outlook staff as assistant editor in November 2011. The opportunity to use my gifts and talents for the Lord was an answer to prayer, and I was honored to take the reins as editor in 2018.

I thought I’d share a little bit about the history and impact of this unique ministry.

The Southeast Outlook was founded in 1995 as a weekly newspaper to share stories of lives changed by the saving grace of Christ and to share news about Southeast Christian Church.

Much has changed in the last 25 years–the Internet was in its infancy in 1995–but The Outlook has continued in its mission of connecting people to Jesus and one another.

“The Outlook has been a weekly window that gives outsiders a peek into what’s going on at Southeast,” said Bob Russell, retired Southeast Senior Minister.

With a weekly circulation of more than 26,000 copies, The Outlook is one of the largest weekly Christian newspapers in the country.

Countless people who might never step foot in a church or visit a church website have picked up a copy of The Outlook from a rack, and the Holy Spirit has used a story in its pages to change their life. (See some of their stories on page B6.)

A seven-person staff that includes three editorial team members, two account executives, a circulation coordinator and a general manager keeps The Outlook running.

Each week 21,475 copies are mailed to readers that include Southeast members, seniors in nursing homes and countless others. More than 525 papers are sent to prisoners in 19 states where papers are circulated and read multiple times.

An additional 5,000 copies are placed on 500 rack locations in Louisville and surrounding counties and Southern Indiana. A team of 29 volunteers deliver the paper each week as far south as Elizabethtown, Ky., and as far north as Corydon, Ind.

It has been an honor to serve at The Outlook these last nine years. If the Holy Spirit has used one story to change one life of one person who grabbed a copy of The Outlook on a whim—and I know there are more—then my years of service have been more than worth it.