Don’t wait. Whether it was COVID-19 or something else, you’ve been laid off. You are collecting unemployment. Right away, you need to determine precisely where you are. 

Is this job returning? Is the industry/economy about to rebound or will many businesses in that industry close permanently? We would recommend:

1. Ask questions. “How soon will we return to work?” If there is no definite answer, then go to step two.

2. Update your résumé. Begin job-searching. Apply for those jobs. Clean up, dress up and go on those interviews.

3. If you get the job, inform your former employer. Start working.

Too often, we find people enjoying the time off, not realizing those benefits will run out. You may end up in a better position. You may need to grab a part-time job (or two) for a season. It is easier to interview and do well when income is in place. Bottom line: Don’t wait!

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