“Don’t look down. Look up to Jesus!” This is the title of an article written by Chin-Wen Jean Lee, one of the participants in Southeast’s Encounter Online Job-Loss Support group. This is the second part of her insights as a believer going through a difficult time.

Taichung, Taiwan, Aug. 2, 2020

I told my support group how it’s really ironic that my Women’s Bible Study group is using Kay Arthur’s study guide, “Count it All Joy,” on the Book of Philippians. What kind of joy can I express in a season full of disappointment, distress, resentment and bitterness? Is studying the Word of God going to bring me a good job and a promising career? For how long do I have to stay in the valley? When can I resume my career development plan?

I listened to a podcast in which John Piper said, “Jesus has tailor-made mercies for today’s miseries. God will provide for you today by the same mercy that saved you.”

This applies to me. I have learned to savor and dwell upon His mercy, even in the smallest things. Every time I recalled some of the setbacks I have experienced, I could not stop weeping. The moment I decided to stop was when the Holy Spirit broke into my train of thought (or self-pity time). Once that happened, I felt peace flow. Somebody was praying for me, I believe.

“The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised” (Job 1:21b).

Jessica of Taipei gave me this Scripture after the first wave of rejection letters. It was the first time I encountered a Scripture and found I wanted to remove some text: “the Lord has taken away.”

I was living with the fact that the Lord has taken away many of my dreams. I know it’s OK. His ways are higher than my ways (Isaiah 55:9).

To be continued.