Turmoil and disruption around the world during the last year-and-a-half limited how many missionaries operated within their countries and contexts. Even though COVID-19 restrictions slowly began loosening in many areas, navigating social and worship gatherings, travel and everyday life required more energy.

Challenges created opportunities as many missionaries discovered new ways to stay connected with people. They learned to assess changing needs in their communities and worked to respond in compassionate and healthy ways.

What a time to follow Jesus! What a time for creativity and innovation. What a time to discover how God is at work and join him as He sets people free.

Here are a few examples of Southeast Christian Church-supported missionaries who are responding to the needs in their communities.

Justin and Lindsay Thomas in Liverpool, England shifted their focus for a few weeks to welcome Afghan refugees—listening to their stories, playing with kids, organizing clothes, food and other necessities.

Vincent and Lauren have been quarantined in their apartment in Asia in some type of lockdown throughout the pandemic. They have taken this time to invest in people and provide online trainings for Chinese-speaking students, pastors and churches around the world.

In Poland, Tomek Guzda (who works with Proem) helped stream church services each week. Many people outside the church were introduced to the Gospel and engaged online with Proem staff. As restrictions lifted, many have come to worship gatherings in person.

In Greece, Sam and Claire connected with refugees at the center where they work, as it was classified as an essential service and remained open during the pandemic. As many refugees have spread throughout Europe, they have stayed connected with small groups via Zoom. These believers are often isolated and thirsty to grow in their faith.

Without the ability to have a team from America join them for summer camp in the Czech Republic, Ben and Sarah Robertson asked their leadership team and family to take on extra roles and responsibilities. “This provided us with more opportunities to lean into relationships with students and to have some pivotal conversations.”

Due to a surge in COVID numbers this summer, S and J’s transition to another part of the country where they live in Southeast Asia was delayed. They used the time to share stories from the Bible and to research low-cost agricultural solutions to help local farmers.

Southeast supports 105 missionary families in the U.S. and around the world. Please join us in praying for missionaries.

>Pray that their trust in God would deepen.

>Pray that the Holy Spirit would refresh their hearts.

>Pray for resilience. Constant change and disruption over time can deplete reserves.