For most of us, it is easy to believe the idea that we live in a broken world. With sickness, addiction, racism and death seemingly all around us, the average person has no problem recognizing the damaged ways of our world.

We live in a world with broken hearts, broken spirits and broken relationships.

Many times, it becomes a different thing for us to admit that we are personally broken. It is easy to recognize it in the world we live in, but much more difficult to acknowledge we have broken pieces within ourselves.

The Gospel talks about recognizing and admitting our brokenness and confessing to God our need for Him to rescue us from this broken state we find ourselves in.

He answers with grace and forgiveness and offers us a mended relationship with Him forever.

The relationship with God is mended, but not every part of us is mended in that moment of surrender.

God begins a healing relationship with us that takes time. On our end of the relationship, it requires us to stay open and continue to admit and confess our own broken parts. On God’s part, He speaks truth and grace over those areas and shows us a new way of living.

It takes time and a lot of patience on our part.

For many of us who have stepped into this Gospel relationship with God, we have a difficult time admitting that we still have broken areas even after submitting our lives to God and turning from our old ways.

As a pastor who works in the recovery world, I see many people who are not afraid of admitting their own brokenness, but have a difficult time taking this brokenness to God and others to find healing and recovery.

It is one thing to admit your brokenness, but it is another thing to step toward a healing relationship with God and allow Him to work on those fractured pieces of your life.

But this is exactly what God wants to do in every person’s life. God wants us to engage Him with the truth about ourselves so that we can learn a better way of living and find healing for the hurt and damaged places in our lives.

How do we approach God with our brokenness?

Vulnerability is the doorway we must walk through. We must be open and honest with who we really are. We start with vulnerability with God and then begin to extend ourselves to safe people in our lives.

As the Mandalorian says, “This is the way.” (Yes, I’m a Star Wars fan.) We must walk down a pathway of truth about ourselves and learning the truth about God and His grace for those areas of our life that don’t measure up.

God meets us with His grace. He loves us. He already knows everything about us. He wants us to recognize the truth and step into His gracious love for us.

He will meet us there and not only meet us—He will show us a new way to live and bring healing and mending in those broken areas.

To the world, broken things are shunned and removed. But God loves to take broken things and make them new. He’s really good at it. Our God is a redeemer and a restorer. He takes broken things and makes them new.

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” (Isaiah 43:18-19 ESV).

Dave Spruell leads the Care Ministry at Southeast Christian Church.