Sticky notes

I love sticky notes, and I’m a master of making lists. I have learned this tool over the years as I try to manage all the things I need to do. And even with my most organized lists and colorful sticky notes, sometimes I still can’t seem to remember everything.

Most of us forget a few things now and then. That’s normal, right? Perhaps the car keys or milk at the grocery. I don’t know about you, but the more I am juggling, the more difficult it can be to remember things.

Don’t worry. I don’t have amnesia. But when it comes to being a “child of God,” I have the same problem. Do you? Do you forget who you are? I dare say we all do—and often!

We’re not alone, though. Just take a look in the book of Exodus. God parted the Red Sea and the next thing you know the Israelites were frantically wondering what they were going to eat. Don’t we do the same thing? One day we see God’s provision so clearly and respond with a joyful heart, but the next day we look a lot more like doubting Thomas.

There’s a song, “Good God Almighty,” by David Crowder that really sums this up:

“I get amnesia, I forget that You keep coming around

Yeah, ain’t no way You’ll ever let me down

Good God almighty

I hope You’ll find me

Praising Your name no matter what comes

‘Cause I know where I’d be without Your mercy

So I keep praising Your name at the top of my lungs.”

It’s a great song and one I really want my life to mimic. How easy it is to fall into the default of worldly living, though—to worry, to fret, to become angry.

I’ve seen first-hand how remembering who I am can change my mindset and the trajectory of my day. One night a few weeks ago I was reading a devotion. The prayer along with it really spoke to me.

“Nothing is impossible for You. Please forgive me for the times I worry and lose sight of Your love. Remind me of your faithfulness, and continue to show me evidence of your presence. Flood my heart with love, and make fear flee.”

I prayed this prayer and felt God was moving. Little did I know God would put my faith to the test the next morning.

My son woke up with his eye swollen shut. He’s had some sinus issues, so I figured it was related and would be as simple as getting a prescription from the doctor. But I was very surprised a few hours later when he was getting a CT scan.

I can honestly say because God’s Word was fresh on my heart I wasn’t worried. I was concerned, but I had a sense of peace in God’s control and sovereignty in our lives. It was an opportunity to pray with my son and help him recognize how God is always working in our lives and He never leaves us. When we are scared, we can call on Him and He’s there. It turned out my son did have an eye infection and thankfully it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. I was praising God!

This is why it’s so important to immerse ourselves in God’s Word, all day, every day. We cannot afford to forget it. It is the anchor for our souls. It makes all the difference in the world. It has the power to change us, to help us.

Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

So, make a commitment and put it at the top of your to-do list and put it on a sticky note. Read God’s Word and cling to Him daily so you can remember this: You are a child of God!

Amy Potter, is a prayer warrior, wife, mother, teacher, worker, writer, and a few other things—a Supermom.