This is the conclusion of an article written by Chin-Wen Jean Lee, a participant in the Encounter Online Job-Loss Support group, presenting her insights as a believer going through a difficult time.

Taichung, Taiwan, Aug. 2, 2020

Pastor Tony Evans explains how God loves to use “suddenly” in our lives, bringing us to where He desires us to be. I believe my “suddenly” happened in July 2020.

The Lord prompted me to contact the regional directors of Focus on the Family. A job invitation came within 48 hours. While this was very tempting, I hesitated, wondering if I should halt my professional pursuits in order to enter full-time ministry. Although I love Focus on the Family, I was confused and having second thoughts. Was this truly what God desired for me?

Suddenly, my curiosity for an internationally recognized diploma program led me to another job opportunity. Praise the Lord! The offer met what had become my two objectives: gaining more teaching experience and supporting the Focus on the Family associate office in Taiwan.

I will be serving as a special education teacher and chaplain. This arrangement is different from what I asked for, but is much better than what I had planned. I will be able to keep my teaching license, a great blessing to me, and I will be able to fulfill the task of my previous offer by utilizing resources from Focus on the Family for local use.

I found great comfort as I considered this difficult season of my life and arrived at the following thoughts.

Because I am here … God made me available to support my local church’s outreach plan, Mothers of Preschoolers, for 11 weeks. In this effort, God improved my creative muscles.

Because I am here … I am connected with Focus’ associate office in Taiwan and integrated with its future plans, which I am longing to support.

Because I am here … I get to witness how God works in the ministry of Southeast Christian Church. I felt God’s care for me when I knew that my prayer requests were being received. I was deeply touched by the care provided to me through Encounter online, a ministry made available for people like me who are far away.

What would I say if I could offer advice to my May 2019 self? It’s simple: Don’t look down. Look up to Jesus!